There is another way!


Web / E-shop

Do you need an online business card, an e-shop, a gastro web or a sophisticated web application?

Social Sites

Together we will make the most of them! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linked-in, Google+


Begin to be relevant on the internet for your potential clients. Google, Binq, DuckDuckGo, and more.


Audience, sales and outreach. Whether online or physical marketing.
B2C and B2B


Convert Website to Application? Did you get idea for a game? Or do you just want to boost business efficiency?

IT Infrastructure

Hardware and software is a breeze! Networking, Server hosting / housing Smart home and more.


Do you need to protect company station, server, or your private information at home?

Professional Consultation

IT Infrastructure, Security, Marketing, Social Networks, SEO, Web, GDPR, EU Directives and more


Over 13 years of experience in web design, coding and graphic styling. Several own successful projects and cooperation, mainly on web-design, editorial and graphic level. Collaboration with partners from the US, EU and Australia. At the same time, over 4 years of experience with security of servers / businesses from digital attacks. At present I am again focusing not only on the domestic market, especially on small and medium-sized companies. But also on other projects across Europe, Asia and North America.

Work with me

I am a vigorous workhorse who always tries to adapt to the tempo and goals of the client under the guise of professionalism. We always define with our client the form of our cooperation. Will he have his graphics? Or do you have your coder / webdesigner? My collaboration with clients is always based on an individual approach. Individual approach and professionalism. Availability and time flexibility are just a bonus.

What can you expect from me?

One word - Individual!

First Meeting

At the first meeting, we usually identify with the client the form of our cooperation and our primary goal.


During or after the first meeting, I present suggestions with which we can visually work with the client.

Plan for Success

If both parties are satisfied with the outcome, we are starting to plan long-term cooperation.

Cost-Effective Project?

Do you need „just“ an online business card, but do not you want to flush thousands for a professional website? Write to us, we will definitely think of something.

You do not have time? Does not matter

Is the project pushing you and you are not scrambling? Projects under time pressure are a toy!

Trial Period Management

Everything is created and what about managing the site? We are always starting a free trial of page management!

The basis is

Feedback & Reference


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More information? Business card?

Contact me!